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Vocational Course and Education for Syrian Refugees
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Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Authority
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To support Syrian asylum seekers and refugees, 26 Accommodation Centres in Turkey continue to do their activities by the coordination of Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management. In these centres, there are several training courses such as carpet weaving, hairdressing, needlecraft, handicrafts, ICT that Syrian refugees have participated.
Over 40 thousand Syrians received different trainings from the vocational courses and 32 thousand Syrian women have a profession that enable to them to sustain their lives through training courses of accommodation centres in the context of promoting and empowering Syrians. In addition, Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management carries out its activities related to training courses by the cooperation of the Ministry of Education.
Nearly 3,000 Syrian refugee adolescents in different accommodation centers are being given Turkish lessons by the coordinator of Gaziantep University Turkish Education Application and Research Center and the support of the Prime Ministry & Disaster Management. Students who successfully completed the course can receive a certificate at the end of training.
In addition to this, Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Authority staff has completed a course on international protection and child marriages. As a result of this, there has been a steady decline in the number of Syrian adults willing to marry off young adults.