• Paese : Turkey
  • Livello di implementazione/realizzazione : Locale
  • Sito : http://www.akdem.org.tr
  • Contatti : Nezihe ATILGAN / nezihe.atilgan@zeytinburnu.bel.tr
Nome della buona pratica
Urban Adaptation School
Tipo di buona pratica
Family, Women and Disabled Center (AKDEM)
Migranti , Altro
Altri destinatari
CSO staff and volunteers work in the field of migration, public organization staff work in the field of migration in Istanbul and Belgium. University staff and students work on integration.
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Specific objectives of best practices are; to reduce social integration problems, to make fast adaptation process of children, to introduce Turkish society and raise awareness on all areas.
Planned orientation programs should be implemented for migrants. Special education should be provided for harmonization. People who left the habits they are used to and have come to new place, a new life definitely need a series of special support. They need not to feel lonely or alienated in new environment. In case of failing to support them with regular and systematic programs, some other people may support them; and eventually manipulate them to join some illegal, negative, harmful formations. So AKDEM has decided to implement this best practice.