• Paese : Turkey
  • Livello di implementazione/realizzazione : Regionale
  • Sito : http://www.akdem.org.tr
  • Contatti : Nezihe ATILGAN / nezihe.atilgan@zeytinburnu.bel.tr
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Turkish Courses for Adults
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Family, Women and Disabled Center (AKDEM)
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May it be from one country to another, from rural to urban, or may it be compulsory immigrations due to reasons like massacres or wars; it would be incorrect to interpret “the fact of immigration” as people simply move from one region to another settle there. It brings various problems as language.
Linguistic problem is one of the big problem they faced. Adoptation to urban life is becoming difficult because of Illiteracy problem. And also people has some problems at employment sector by this. Because of this problem AKDEM has organised a project on literacy course.

Turkish Courses over 3 hours every weekend and
Social Trips (Historical visit, picnic, cinema ex.)