• Paese : Turkey
  • Livello di implementazione/realizzazione : Regionale
  • Sito : http://yuva.org.tr/
  • Contatti : . / yuva@yuva.org.tr
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Syrian Refugees Program
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YUVA Association
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YUVA Association has two “Community Centers” in Gaziantep and Hatay. Within the scope of the Syrian Refugee Program, the association provides vocational and language courses to refugees and asylum seekers through “Community Centers”. In addition to this, psychological support is given to Syrian refugees and asylum seekers. Within this program it is aimed to support them about overcoming their traumatic stress. Moreover, ICT training courses are also provided to Syrian refugees and asylum seekers to improve their professional skills.

About 14.000 people benefit from these activities organized by the association annually. 5000 refugees and asylum seekers has participated to different types of training courses. In addition to this, 9000 Syrian people in Hatay and Gaziantep have been provided psychosocial support religiously.