The LL2II Roundtables in Seville

The roundtables in partner countries are chiefly concerned with achieving active participation and involvement of target groups of LL2II and spreading LL2II Platform and training course.

To this purpose, two local roundtables took place in Seville, Spain in March 2017 with a total number of 16 participants from local entities that are involved in the work with migrants.

After a brief introduction about LL2II project aims and objectives, LL2II Open Learning Platform (OLP) and Guidebook were presented and introduced in detail to participants during the roundtables. These explanations were focused on supporting learnings as well as the use of these tools within a professional environment.

To clarify the process, practical demonstrations on access to platform and contents were performed and answers were given to all the questions raised.

Free access to the platform was highly appreciated and the registration process was described by the participants as easy to follow.

Afterwards, the participants shared their experiences with migrant works.