Nombre de la Buena Práctica
IF03-2012 Integrating TCNs in the Maltese Society
Tipo de Buena Práctica
Institución que la implementa
Employment and Training Corporation (ETC)/Jobplus
Grupo Objetivo
Fecha de inicio
Fecha de finalización
Financiado en
50,00 €
IF 03 2012 –Integrating TCNs in the Maltese Society was a project co-funded by the European Union (under the European Integration Fund). The main objective of the project was to facilitate third country nationals’ (TCNs) integration in the Maltese society, through the delivery of language learning courses (English or Maltese) and a specific course dedicated to cultural awareness and employment (entitled ‘Living and Working in Malta’). Being able to communicate effectively in the two main languages used in the Maltese islands (Maltese and English) was critical for participants to interact with others and integrate in the community. Moreover, the Living and Working in Malta course provided TCNs with knowledge on the local aspects of daily life, cultural and historical facets of Malta and employment laws and regulations.