• Country : Turkey
  • Level of Implementation : Local
  • Website : http://www.akdem.org.tr
  • Contact : Nezihe ATILGAN / nezihe.atilgan@zeytinburnu.bel.tr
Name of Good Practice
The Clup of Immigrant Women
Type of Good Practice
Implementing Institution
Family, Women and Disabled Center (AKDEM)
Target Group
Refugees, Those who migrate due to the unusual situation
Start Date
End Date
Funding in
0,00 €
Zeytinburnu is a province based upon migrations. Origin of demographic structure of Zeytinburnu is based on migrations. It has both internal/external migration also cultural wealth. Cultural wealth brings cultural diversity too. People cannot adaptation to town by cultural diversity and also has difficulties about social life. Specific objectives of project are: to identify all problems of immigrant women, to support them by throw together who has same problems, to increase their knowledge and skills, to ensure spending their times qualified.