• Country : Turkey
  • Level of Implementation : International
  • Website : http://www.zeytinburnu.bel.tr
  • Contact : Hülya Baysal / hbaysal@zeytinburnu.bel.tr
Name of Good Practice
Municipal dialogue for integration of migrants
Type of Good Practice
Implementing Institution
Zeytinburnu Municipality
Target Group
Immigrants, Other
Target Group Other
Municipal employees and officials.
Start Date
End Date
Funding in
244318,00 €
Overall objectives of the project are;
-To build a new cooperation between Turkish municipalities and EU municipalities;
-To ensure communication bridge between Turkish municipalities and EU municipalities, thus allowing a better awareness of the opportunities and challenges of the future enlargement
-To provide mutual exchange of experiences between Turkey and EU by learning and implementing EU policy on integration of migrants;
-To enhance capacity of Turkish municipalities to meet the European integration policy standards;
-To transfer from EU countries to Turkey the relevant experience and know-how in the field of integration of migrants
-To support Turkish municipalities helping to deliver high quality municipal services in this field.
Specific objectives of the project are;
-To establish long term cooperatıon and endorsement of dialogue between Turkish, Belgian, Austrian and German Municipalities by exchanging best practices (methods, techniques, information and know-how) on integration of migrants.
-To enhance capacity of Zeytinburnu, Bağcılar, Eminönü Municipalities, Union of Municipalities of Marmara Region – UMMR, Bozat and Piraziz Municipalities to deal with migration related problems and to develop a framework for the integration of migrants on the local level by transferring good practices from EU municipalities.

Estimated results:
1. Building a professional management system 2. Training of 20 municipal workers and 10 NGO workers 3. Experience and lessons acquired through the project are shared with municipalities, concerned NGOs and other institutions via dissemination of reports and books. 4. Long term sustainable cooperation and promotion of dialogue between Zeytinburnu, Bağcılar, Piraziz, Bozat, UMMR, Friedrichshain Kreuzberg Municipality and Beringen Municipality. 5. Establishment of Integration Center in Zeytinburnu Municipality

Main Activities:
-Promotion of the project (via kick-off meeting, brochure and webpage)
- Training Course for Increasing the Capacity of Local Governments to deal with integration of migrants
- Study Visit to Germany and Belgium
- Creating Integration Center in Zeytinburnu Municipality
- Thematic Meetings in Istanbul, Germany and Belgium
- Publishing of handbook for integration of migrants for local governments and NGOs
- Publishing the Project’s booklet.