Why this Project?

This Project “Learning of Local Bodies to Integrate Immigrants (LL2II)” addresses very important points in migration where international cooperation and responsibility are some of the key issues.
Therefore LL2II Project aims at training, empowerment and learning of adult staff of local bodies, NGOs, operators and other field actors working for immigrants’ inclusion in society and the employment sector. Additionally migrant entrepreneurship right will be treated with care as it is important to keep the life balance in all areas of a community.

Project Target Groups

  • Local Bodies
  • Operators working for migrants
  • NGOs
  • Trainers, counselors, managers and staff of service providers for immigrants
  • Volunteers who want to work for/support immigrants
  • Employment & recruitment sector
  • Policy makers

The Project Intellectual Outputs

  • Research and Collection of EU Good Practices
  • Training Curriculum
  • Developed and Adapted Training Materials
  • The Guidebook for Local Bodies and Operators
  • Open Learning Platform
  • The Corporate Design and The Project Website
  • The Project Brochure
  • Project Quality Evaluation and Assessment Reports